Jaime Nolan

Life & Business Coach

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Hi, I’m Jaime! I am here to help you live your best life.

My Story


Hi! I’m Jaime Nolan a life coach and CEO of the Anima Collective. I am a powerful Taurus who will have you grounding in your greatest vision, and knowing you can thrive at the things that might feel impossible right now. I help you own and face your fears with perspective, heart and courage.  As an athlete I have always been intrigued by the mental stamina required for achieving growth. I spent the majority of my career working in health and wellness helping individuals push through mental and physical limits to reach new levels of success.



My Core Vales & Beliefs

My People

For me, my people are the most important thing in life because without them life would be so boring. My clients, friends and family are really what keeps me going and I put all my energy into making our lives better.


Talking care of my mind and body is essential to my daily life. I encourage you to make health a priority, because when your health is in alignment, living your best life is easy!


I used to feel like having fun as a core value wasn’t serious or mature enough, but then I realized that the people who would say that probably weren’t having much fun.  The reason for Fun is that happiness is something that is cultivated and happiness is something I strive for.

My Approach

A few years ago, I realized that my life had started to run on autopilot. Instead of making time for experiences and new relationships that excited me, I was stuck fulfilling day-to-day obligations as a wife, mother and business owner. I was exhausted and rarely carved out time for myself.  I knew there had to be a better way to live. That’s when I decided to make a big change and live a life that was aligned with my desires. That meant saying no to what others expected and saying YES to myself. It meant walking down an unconventional path without a road map. Living my own Fuck Yeah Life meant getting outside my comfort zone and living life on my own terms, even when it felt scary. Now I am passionate about helping others create the lives they love! My Life Coaching program combines decades of my experience as a personal trainer, health coach and mindset expert into a program that will push you past your boundaries through sensory experiences that have been proven by research to shift your perspective and create long-lasting change in your life.

Why wait any longer?

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