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You know that living your best life starts by doing things you’ve never done before. Change requires owning your awesomeness even if it makes others uncomfortable. It means saying YES to yourself and having the courage to show up.

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About Me

 I’m Jaime Nolan a life coach and the co-founder of Las Comadres. I am a powerful Taurus who will have you grounding in your greatest vision, and knowing you can thrive at the things that might feel impossible right now. I help you own and face your fears with perspective, heart and courage.  As an athlete I have always been intrigued by the mental stamina required for achieving growth. I spent the majority of my career working in health and wellness helping individuals push through mental and physical limits to reach new levels of success. Here’s what I’ve learned: That in all areas of our lives if we want growth we have to do something differently.


“Jaime helped me visualize and believe in the exact house I manifested. She also helped me to see the blocks that were keeping me stuck. All in one session . ?? “ 

Gaby G.

Working with Jaime helped me discovered the possibilities for living my best life. Through The Fuck Yeah Life I stopped playing small and created a game plan to finally have the business and lifestyle I had always wanted.” 
Lacey M.

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