image_2245Working from home has one great perk, I can make an awesome lunch and not have to pack it up or reheat it! One of my favorites these days is a miso vegtable soup with soba noodles. It makes a great lunch or quick dinner, and it travels well if you have to pack it up.
I use Trader Joe’s miso ginger broth and Roland image_2384buckwheat soba noodles, you can make broth if so inclined.

I heat the broth on the stove and add frozen Asian vegetables and anything else my CSA has sent me that I want in my soup.

Once that is boiling I add the Soba Noodles they only take 3 min. to cook!
image_2386I like to top mine with some sriracha, I’ve been on a spicy kick lately. I don’t have any pictures in the bowl because I was soooo hungry I forgot all about it! The whole thing took 10 min. to make and it was awesome!