We all get asked a lot what do you do? Usually for me it is followed by what is that? My answer is usually I help people who are overwhelmed lose weight, gain energy and feel great about themselves! Most people think that is great, we talk about their struggles, weight loss plans and how they hate working out. Some call me for free health histories and to hear about my program, some sign up for a program, and some recommend me to their friends. Which I love!
But yesterday someone asked me what do you do to be you? I love this question, (I will be stealing it for future sessions) this was in normal conversation at a preschool parent’s day event. So I thought for a second and a million things flashed threw my mind. I run, I try to be the best mother to my little people, I work at being a good spouse, I dance (usually in my office when no one is here), I’m sarcastic, I play, I rant when I’m mad, I get over things that I can’t control, I try to do yoga, I cook things I never imagined I’d eat, I talk to random people all the time, I turn the radio up when I’m driving, I enjoy my food, I listen with open ears, I give advice, and the list went on in a matter of seconds. And then I realized I was staring at this person with this huge smile on my face.